Welcome to Fox Prairie Golf Course

An Early Challenge

Show up ready to play! Number one at The Fox requires you show up with your game face on. Don’t worry, it gets a little easier. For a while…

You Earned It!

Your reward for landing that approach shot on one of the many spacious greens is a true roll on the best maintained greens in the area.


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Directions to the Course

                    Fox Prairie Map with Lake

Tired of the rain? What do the different percentages of precipitation really mean?

Look at the bright side!!

The percentage of precipitation (rain, snow or even thunderstorms), deals with a specific time, locale, and amount. When your local forecaster says 40%, they mean for an area, usually for the local forecast or viewing area and for a certain time.

For example, a front is moving through the area and rain showers are expected. However, looking at the amount of activity and the area of coverage, there is only a 40% chance that anyone in that area will receive precipitation. This means the other 60% is dry or not receiving any activity. So only your neighborhood gets wet, but in the whole forecast area, you just happened to be in the favored spot. Your friend across town may be enjoying the party cloudy skies.

Time is also brought in to the equation by saying “40% chance of rain this afternoon for the metro area”. There it is: the area of concern, the amount of possible precipitation, and the time of day. Cheer up! If the forecaster is going for 40% chance of something wet, the other 60% could be sunny and dry!